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CCTV-2 ("Economy" until August 24, 2009) is operated by China Central Television in the People's Republic of China. The channel broadcasts programs on the economy and life services. n 2003, its name was changed again to the "CCTV Economy Channel", and it stopped broadcasting sports programs, with an exception of the Olympic Games. All other programs were unaffected by the change. And change the logo and the package again. The logo is a red rectangle, and the spoon logo and the simplified Chinese characters “经济频道” in it. Former logo was “CCTV-经济”; in 2006, CCTV-2 changed the logo and the package again, and having a slogan “Economy Channel, on exist at you.” On August 24, 2009, the name was again changed, to “CCTV Business Channel”. After the revision, it was a semi-comprehensive channel. Some columns not related to finance, economics or life service were transferred to CCTV-3 and CCTV-10. And change the logo and package again. The logo has two red arrow form; in 2012, the “CCTV Business Channel” launched three anniversary celebration, revision again. The slogan was changed, to “Value uniquity.”; In 2015, revision again, the program carry out the correctly and the logo was correct 16:9 and the package changed again.

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