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The predecessor of Hubei Jing Video Channel is Hubei Economic Television Station, which was founded on December 1, 1988. It is the first provincial economic television station in China and a provincial television institution with independent legal personality. The total assets are 214 million yuan and 300 employees.

With the tide of reform and opening up, the Hubei Economic Video Channel is growing and growing under the storm of market economy. We should adhere to the working idea of "taking programs as the leader, deepening reform, strengthening management and developing steadily", and constantly carry out system innovation, scientific and technological innovation and program innovation. It has launched several popular columns, such as Jing TV News, Civil Servants, Colorful Clothes, Proposal Tracking, Meet the Film City, Every Day Is Wonderful, Film and Television Carnival, Life Story and so on.

At the same time, Hubei Jing-Video Channel has developed the market of film and television dramas and the film and Television Cultural Industry vigorously. It has produced a number of excellent works, such as "Dream of the Century", "General Xu Haidong", "Breakthrough through the Central Plains" and "New Fourth Army", which have won the "Five-One Project" of the whole country. ” Award, Flying Award and Golden Eagle Award. Documentary "Prosecution at the End of the Century", "Return" and a number of works of news and literature were awarded by the State and Hubei Province respectively.

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