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Hunan Economic TV Station, which was founded on January 1, 1996, is one of the most powerful and famous provincial-level terrestrial channels in China, and is known as the "Huangpu Military Academy of the TV Xiangjun." Through cable and wireless channels covering nearly 90 million people in Hunan and surrounding areas, and through the network to spread radiation throughout the country, is the only terrestrial channel in the country directly invited to the national two-session coverage of the television media.

Hunan Economic TV Station has the status of a pioneer of innovation in China's TV reform, TV series production, variety program innovation and live broadcast of major events, and the series of TV series "Rejuvenation" and "Palace" is a classic TV series that can not be reproduced in China. The "lucky series" created the blank and unprecedented upsurge of Chinese variety programs, and the "live event" is the highest live broadcast level representative of China's large-scale challenges, competitions, emergencies and other activities at present. Hunan's pioneering exploration and reform is one of the most important driving forces in the rise of the TV Xiang Army headed by Hunan Satellite TV.

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