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Hebei TV Farmer Channel officially launched on May 1, 2005. It is the third provincial-level agricultural channel in China, and the only provincial-level agricultural channel that truly covers the whole province. The purpose of the farmer channel is to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers; to interpret the policy concerning agriculture, to pay attention to farmers'life, to transmit the information of getting rich, to base itself on the countryside and to communicate between urban and rural areas.

The program features service and public welfare. At present, there are 9 columns, broadcasting 19 hours a day. Farmers'channels are covered by wired and wireless channels, covering more than 80% of the province's effective population.

In the past two years, the farmer channel has been adhering to the frequency concept of "paying attention to farmers, starting from the heart", and has always insisted on creating a channel closest to the vast rural masses, which has been praised by the audience and the industry. At present, four major brand columns have been formed: The Front Line of Agriculture, Rural Areas, Rich Information Station, Very Helpful and Entertainment for Yourself; Three major events: The Earth Carol-Hebei Mass Singer Racing Competition, Ten Hot-hearted Persons Selection, Civilian Star Singing and Turning the Sky; Host A Hao, Tianyuan, Xinna and the Mirror Reporter Su Third, Dakuan also has a strong appeal among the audience; the viewing share has maintained a strong upward momentum, currently ranked second in seven channels of Hebei TV.

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