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Hebei Acrobatics Channel covers 11 cities of Hebei Province digital TV users (current users 9.26 million), broadcasting more than 20 hours a day, broadcasting time from 5:00 to 1:30 the next day. Hebei Acrobatics Channel regards "inheriting Hebei culture and displaying folk skills" as its channel purpose, with "specialty" and "regional culture" as its main characteristics, broadcasting acrobatics, magic, circus, opera, martial arts, calligraphy and painting, non-legacy and other programs. The cluster broadcasting of these programs has made Hebei Acrobatics Channel into a propaganda of Hebei Province. Cultural TV business cards.

Hebei Acrobatics Channel has undergone several revisions since its launch. At present, the main columns are "I Love Magic", "Wuqiao Acrobatics World", "Acrobatics Stage", "Hebei Feiyi", "Yanzhao Opera House", "Hebei Art", "Jingwumen" and so on. "I Love Magic" shot hundreds of magic programs and successfully held two "Hebei Acrobatic Channel National Magic Competition". "Acrobatic Grand Stage" has cooperated with Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival of China several times, filming a large number of precious materials of the festival, and recording the grand occasion of the festival in detail.

As the only folk TV program to publicize intangible heritage in Hebei Province, "Hebei Non-Heritage" goes deep into the people, excavates those endangered folk art and culture projects, and lets the audience understand the status quo of non-heritage through documentaries, and pays attention to the inheritance and protection of non-heritage. Wuqiao Acrobatics World goes into Wuqiao, the hometown of acrobatics, to show the wonderful charm of Hebei acrobatics in an all-round way. As the only remaining opera and martial arts columns in Hebei Province, "Yanzhao Opera House" and "Jingwumen" have a large number of loyal audiences in the province. Hebei Fine Arts is the only column of calligraphy and painting in our province. While visiting famous calligraphers and painters in our country and province, it timely reports the art information in our province and promotes the cultural taste of the channel.

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